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How to choose a professional carpet cleaner

There are many different things to consider when you hire a  carpet cleaner you have not used before.   How did you find this business?  Did it come highly recommended, was it the reviews, or was it price?  Carpet cleaning is like every other service industry, there are different levels of cleaners out there with different levels of education and experience.  Price is not often indicative of the quality service you will receive.

Be informed of their qualifications and certifications, ask questions when booking an appointment and convey your circumstances and expectations. It is also a great time to let them know if you or any member of your family have allergies to cleaning products.The more communication between you and the person booking the appointment the better your experience will be.

Much of what we do is chemistry based, so knowing why and what  you are cleaning is helpful. Is it your maintenance clean?  Did a new puppy or family member have an accident that caused an unsightly spot that has you looking for a carpet cleaner?

It is very important to let the company know if your carpet is under warranty. Knowing what type of carpet you have is also helpful as well as having an idea of the room sizes you wish to clean. Some companies will quote you over the phone and some would prefer to send someone out for an estimate.

Find out exactly what is included in your pricing quote so you aren’t surprised after they are done with the job. It’s never a bad practice to verify if your chosen company will move furniture and is this included in your pricing quote as well as light spotting. Being aware will help you avoid an unexpected price increase.

Our industry is continuously evolving, there are multiple methods to cleaning carpets. Whether it be traditional steam cleaning with a truck mount, very low moisture method using an upright machine with a pad or bonnet or even a portable machine.  Get educated and ask what method they use so you can determine what process will be best for you.

Cleaning chemicals are another great subject to ask about. Our company for example will only use the right chemistry for the job. Carpets, furniture and tile cleaning have individual needs from job to job, therefore our technicians become carpet counselors.

The scheduled arrival time or window may change, make sure you are informed of any delay.

When your trained technician arrives they should have the appearance of a professional. They should be courteous and aware of your expectations and may even ask you about a particular spot and should inform  you of what they expect to see when finished. Remember this is your home and a service that you are paying for.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to give a customer a like new carpet experience.  Everything ages and wears, so matching your expectation with your trained technicians is key. Once your job is finished the technician should go over your results, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

If this company performed a satisfactory service for you, post a review. This helps other customers decide whom to use when the time comes.

Perception and expectation without explanation can be misleading, communication and education is key.  Stay Informed=Stay Happy!